Skip Hop Bubble Gum Duo

December 3rd, 2011

Skip Hop Bubble Gum Duo

mmmm BUBBLE GUM! The SKIP HOP duo is an innovative, versatile diaper bag that lets you keep all your child’s things close at hand wherever you both go, while keeping all of your personal gear away from wet and messy things. With its groundbreaking strapping system, the duo quickly and easily goes from the stroller to your shoulder, and its clean, modern design looks great on both moms and dads. Now, one bag does the job of two! The SKIP HOP Duo features: – Special straps that secure the bag neatly and conveniently over the arms of any stroller. Then, in a matter or seconds, the bag effortlessly converts to an over-the-shoulder messenger-style bag, allowing you to leave your stroller behind! – Its multitude of pockets and compartments easily organizes diapers, bottles, sippy cups, food and toys, while keeping your phone, PDA, wallet, keys and other personal items safe and dry. – It even comes with a water-proof changing pad, ensuring that you’re always prepared! – The duo is water resistant and cleans up easily. Its durable construction guarantees that it will last for years. This bag is a bargain. It makes a great gift and a great self purchase!

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